Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Myspace Lawsuits And Personal Responsibility

Adults and their children are posting their personal photographs and information on MySpace and a similar websites. Predators take advantage of these poster’s naivety and victimize the posters. What a surprise! Criminals case the Internet just as the case homes to burglarize or otherwise invade.

The very same people who put locks on their homes freely post vast amounts of personal information including their sexual preferences for every stranger in the world to view. These same people now want to sue because they became victims of crimes such as sexual assault.

The new American way is get courts and juries to compensate really stupid people to sue who thoughtlessly set themselves up for victimization. Of course suing the criminals involved is out of the question since they rarely have the ability to pay money for their crimes.

These victims are going after the website that allowed them to post their personal information and lure their attackers! While they’re at it they should sue all the software and hardware manufacturers that made these crimes possible. Perhaps they can sue their own parents for wrongful birth too.

When you seek out fame and fortune in any medium you really waive rights to privacy and risk your personal safety. Just ask any accomplished actor, writer, professional athlete, politician or entertainer. Many of these people can’t take the heat their fame brings them.

Fame also attracts unwarranted hate and stalkers. John Lennon, Rebecca Schaffer, Alan Berg all paid an ultimate price for placing their lives before the public. Politicians in every country on earth are frequent targets for bombs, bullets and custard pies.

Hopefully these cases will never make it to a jury but instead are stopped by judges recognizing MySpace and similar websites have no legal duty to think for their customers or police the World Wide Web.

The plaintiff’s lawyers are banking on juries feeling sorry for theses bimbos and taking money from the wealthy website owners to make these pathetic victims feel better.

MySpace is not your mommy, nanny or bodyguard. Anyone including bloggers that put their pictures, personal information and their opinions online may pay a huge price for doing that. It’s something like riding a bicycle in public. We have to obey safety rules both written and unwritten and watch out for crazy drivers.

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