Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Musicians Threaten Air Travel Safety

The dopes that run our TSA are at it again! If you are not smart enough to work in the fast food industry the TSA will hire you for a management position.

Things are not any better in Europe when it comes to common sense or real security for airliners since they follow our lead as in monkey see, monkey do.

These days musicians are refusing to travel because too often their prized instruments are no longer allowed as carryon baggage. Many of the instruments are priceless and irreplaceable. The result we will be fewer artists touring here and our musicians will not be playing in Europe.

I can’t accept that these goofballs running airline security can’t just leave these fine folks and their valuable instruments alone.

What will it take to get the American public to reign in and cut funding for this out-of-control government agency? This is not an issue of public safety but one of petty power and government insanity.

Why is a musical instrument somehow safer in checked baggage? Are the airliner cargo holds somehow bomb proof? You can read much more about this issue here.

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Anonymous said...

The entire TSA organization is a complete waste of tax funds. I'll take my chances with the terrorists anyday.