Saturday, January 20, 2007

Covert Weapons And Officer Safety

My Friends at Second City Cop recently called attention to a website alerting officers to the potential threat of hidden weapons they may encounter out on the street.

Weapons possession by the law-abiding should never be a crime but unfortunately too often that's the case in cities and states where politicians voted away the Second Amendment. I have no problem with most or all of the things shown on this site and recognize that normally law-abiding folks will employ some ways to hide needed self-defense weapons. Legitimate self-defense or carrying weapons should never be a crime except for convicted felons or criminals carrying or using them during the commission of a crime.

Our law enforcement officers have a real risk from every kind of assault or threat. These items are rare but officers can never become complacent. Every officer needs to follow his or her training, be aware, and safe.

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crotalus said...

O.K., where can I get one of those? (Heh heh heh...)